A consortium of

Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations

Technology Companies and Media Houses

Language Scholars and Graphical Artists

To develop and promote

A Beautiful and Modern Lipi

and a high-definition digital code set

Common for all the Indian languages

Details Join

Phase 1: Specification & Desgin

Duration: 1 to 2 years

Language Experts/Enthusiasts
  • Lend expertise to develop a robust specification for Bharati Lipi
  • Determine the base and variant characters needed in Bharati Lipi to cover all the characters in all Indian languages and certain sounds in foreing languages that Indians use.
  • Help with the Unicode development for Bharati Lipi.
  • Serve on the review board
  • Draft

Graphic Artists
  • Design elegant and beautiful letters for Bharati Lipi
  • Receive ₹2,00,000 if you win the contest!

  • Or be a judge for the contest!
  • Design

Font Desingers
  • Develop fonts for the Bharati Lipi (open source licence or commercial licence)
  • Develop

Phase 2: Promotion & Adaptation

Duration: Multiple Years

Education Boards
  • Include Bharati Lipi Learning in the curriculum, starting from the primary school
  • Prepare text books printed in Bharati Lipi, in a phased manner
  • Mandate that every language teacher in Primary and Secondary schools should learn and teach Bharati Lipi.
  • Become a member of the consortium
  • Contribute

Education Consultants/Vendors
  • Develop audio visual online tools for learning Bharati Lipi
  • Contribute

  • Write articles, create social media posts etc., about the need and benefits of Bharati Lipi
  • Write articles about this consortium to facilitate the development and promotion of the Bharati Lipi
  • Contribute

Technology Companies
  • Add Bharati Lipi to language and input tools.
  • Use Bharati Lipi to store the text and render it in the local language on the user interface, as needed.
  • Provide technical support for this initiative, by designating part time or full time resources, using the 'bench' capacity.
  • Contribute

  • Promote Bharati Lipi in your constituency.
  • Help its adaptation by every government agency and every NGO in your constituency.
  • Help its adaptation by every school and college in your constituency.
  • Contribute

Central, State and Local Governments
  • Add Bharati Lipi for all legal documents, such as Aadhaar Cards, Birth Certificates, for all sign boards, such as at railway stations, on and in trains and buses and so on.
  • Mandate commercial enterprises to add Bharati Lipi on the labels of all merchandize, such as on medicine labels, packaged foods and other consumer items.
  • Certify the language teachers of all primary and secondary schools as the official advisors to write names and words properly in birth records, revenue records, aadhar cards, bank accounts and so on, in stead of leaving it to the clerical staff.
  • Contribute

NGOs/Social Leaders
  • Conduct Village level, Mandal level, District level, State level and National level Bharati Lipi reading / writing competitions
  • Conduct Bharati Lipi training courses, online and in person
  • Contribute

Common Man
  • Show your enthusiam for the Bharati Lipi by writing a note!
  • Mention this to people in your circles in person or through social media posts
  • Support